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A Sorority of Angels:
An Amazon Best Seller suspense/thriller

**Finalist - Book of the Year Award**
An Amazon Best Seller suspense/thriller. Several determined and concerned women in influential positions at the United Nations unite to help solve hunger and poverty in their countries. What they encounter, what happens to each in the service of their country when they return home was unplanned.

Aphrodite spoke and loosened from her bosom the embroidered girdle of many colors into which all her allurements were fashioned. In it was love and in it desire and in it blandishing persuasion which steals the mind even of the wise.’ Homer, The Iliad.

***** Five Star review – ‘Revenge at its best. Leodas writes about strong women and I liked that. I found it a fast read, engrossing, and entertaining. I loved the women.’
Amazon reviewer.

KIRKUS Book Review --"A Sorority of Angels brings together the unique stories of five women working as aides to influential diplomats. In a successful literary device, each woman is embroiled in a dangerous, violent scheme of personal revenge. These women are more than entitled to their retribution, and their actions add a layer of legitimacy and intrigue to their mission. The effect is immediate and dramatic. The interesting premise makes for an entertaining read with more than one unexpected turn."

Five Star Review -- "For all you revenge fans, A Sorority of Angels is a great read. Leodas has created another revenge thriller with a group of strong women. It's the classic good against evil with the good winning out. A real feel good story. You won't put it down."
Amazon reviewer

Five Star Review - "Gus Leodas has become an excellent writer and storyteller. His latest book, A Sorority of Angels, may be his best book yet. An involved plot with a myriad of turns, twists, and surprises involving love, sex, revenge, murder and a little mayhem. Well written and a great read. You won't want to stop reading until the end, which is another surprise. His angels are really very devilish. I enthusiastically recommend this book."
Amazon reviewer

Five Star Review - "He has done it again. His artful weaving of several stories into one is masterful. Can't wait for his next book."

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