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Forerunners- A Prelude to the Second Coming

An Amazon Best Seller Mystery.

Forerunners- A Prelude to the Second Coming
"Sometimes the path to learning and the truth is through fiction. To those who don't believe in miracles, you will after you read this."
-Gus Leodas

Forerunners is timely in today's world events with the increased focus on religion and terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere, and is based on the Second Coming prophesies in the Bible. All the major religions expect a messiah, or a son, or a messenger, or an avatar, or some bodily manifestation of God. Bible prophesies say that disruption in natural disasters, international economic recessions, terrorism or religious men and women who serve God and destruction of religious institutions are preludes to the coming of the Anti-Christ. ALL are happening today.

"Leodas, author of several mystery novels, knows how to build scenes with incredible tension, shifting character motives and shocking bursts of violence. Readers intrigued by prophecy-based thrillers will appreciate Leodas' characters and prophetic details."

"This book took so many different turns that only made the pages turn faster. It was non-stop. Every time I thought I had it figured out something else happened. In the world we live in, with all the religious killings going on, if I had to use one word to describe this book besides BRILLIANT, I would chose the word TIMELY."
-Long Island Book Club

"Forerunners is definitely a page turner. A true winner! Much different subject from his other books. I couldn't put this book down. I read this book in three days. His words of faith and wisdom truly touched me. I feel the author did a lot of biblical research, which made the book read so well."
-Amazon Reviewer among more 5-star reviews.
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