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The Forgotten Mission

The Forgotten Mission - An Amazon Best Seller mystery.
What was the deadly secret of Shuller's Land?  The last crop on the farm was planted in 1942, the year the land died from the horror of that one long night. Decades later, the abandoned weathered barn that leaned precariously from old age still waited for a strong wind to complete the collapse before someone discovered its horrible secret.

Investigator Mitchell Pappas found artifacts at the farm belonging to World War II German spies. So began his mission to unravel the mystery of the forgotten farm and the disappearance of the spies and the farmer's teenage daughter, Melissa.

Screenplay completed and available

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  • The good style in writing is one that touches your emotions.
  • I reject all pigeonhole theories about writing. Creativity doesn't need a fence around it.
  • "There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."
     - W. Somersat Maugham

"Riveting. Written from the heart. An extremely tender perspective from the author's point of view."
 Delray Beach Book Club.

"...Leodas promises action, drama, and mystery. It is there."
 New York Daily News.

Five Star Review - "This cold-case WWII drama and love story was engrossing especially the search for the farmer's teenage daughter. I was spellbound throughout the book."
Amazon reviewer

Five Star Review - "The book was a nice change of pace from your typical mystery/spy novel. This book was a pleasant surprise and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a great book and or a new face in the book writing business."
Amazon reviewer

Five Star Review – "Great book. And just today, there's an article in the news about a German U-boat found sunken of the coast of Mass. Lots of intrigue & great character development. I was sorry to see the story end."

Five Star Review – "YEP! You should get this when you have the chance. I was quite pleased with the action and flow of the story. It was VERY interesting. I liked it a LOT!"

From the author

"I was intrigued by an actual event of four German spies landing on Long Island in 1942 whose mission was to blow up the Hell's Gate Bridge and the Consolidated Utilities along the East River. They were caught before doing damage. One turned himself over to the FBI. President Roosevelt ordered three to be executed as spies. The fourth, who informed the FBI, was spared and sent to a POW camp in Alabama. After the war, he returned home. The premise of The Forgotten Mission challenged me with the questions - What if four other spies landed later, who were never caught, and never returned to Germany after the war? What happened to them and to the farmer's teenage daughter, Melissa? Two persons, who propably had nothing else to do, said to me that they read the book twice."
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