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International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Directors Guild of America.

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Unsafe Harbor - An Amazon Best Seller mystery/thriller.

Awards for Unsafe Harbor

First Sentence: He stood over her grave as a wilted flower.
An award-winning novel termed a "Great book." by Writers Digest. Also published in Germany as Hafen Der Angst for distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechenstein, and Luxembourg.

- At an exclusive yacht club, a police lieutenant and his investigator Mitchell Pappas are trapped in a web of disappearances and deaths that link club members to Washington, the Coast Guard, and the underworld.  

"Unsafe Harbor" by Gus Leodas revolves around a series of unexplained murders at the exclusive Long Island Yacht Club. Mitchell Pappas is called in to determine who killed whom and why. Each additional death makes it clearer and clearer that those involved in solving the crimes are at risk of being murdered too. Reviewer Aphrodite Matsakis says, "Reading Unsafe Harbor is like going through the maze of the mythological labyrinth at Knossos, Greece that housed the man-eating Minotaur. As Pappas proceeds through the maze of possibilities, he isn't sure which way to turn to find the Minotaur.  The ultimate outcome of Unsafe Harbor is a shocker, and it's a testimony to Leodas' writing skills that the reader is held in suspense until the very end..."

Review by The National Herald - Book Supplement

"Intriguing mystery with a twist. He has you wondering where this would take you. A great ending that I didn't expect."
Amazon reviewer

Five Star Review - "Truly a surprise ending with added intrigue with clues from English literature. No wonder Writers Digest called it a great book."
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