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The Devil Walks Beside Her

An Amazon Best Seller Suspense/Thriller.

First Sentence:
Deanna Layne, a Suffolk County legislator pregnant with twins, fled to Fire Island terrified of being murdered before becoming a mother.

'Deanna, vote for the legislation or die.'

So begins Deanna Layne's nightmare. Pregnant with twins, she needs to survive a killer in an environment sated with unusual alliances, lethal relationships, and solutions.

Police and Mitchell Pappas come together again to try to save Deanna in a devious and perplexing revenge thriller filled with love and hate that also turns Mitchell into a primary target to force him to search for answers among twins and shadows…to save Deanna…and himself.

'She can't forgive and can't forget
the devil walks beside her,
And scorn and hate are walking
just behind her.'

Five Star Review - "A well written intense mystery.  Gus Leodas has added another hit to his list of books, and like the others he has a surprise for the ending.  This book is not for the squeamish or faint of heart.  Bodies and blood abound, but if you like mystery, you will enjoy it."  FBI Joe

Five Star Review – "Excellent book by Gus Leodas. Suspense, twists, strong women. Had to force myself to put it down so I didn't finish it on the same day. The kind of book you don't want to end. Another great one by the master."

Five Star Review – "Very well written and a good read. Content moved quick and kept me into the story."

Five Star Review – "I started on Friday and was looking for the next one in the Leodas collection by Sunday. This would make a great movie."

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