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"All my novels feature strong women, good or evil. And as Aristophanes wrote – 'There is no animal more invincible than a woman, nor fire either, nor any wildcat so ruthless.' You will either love or hate my 'women', but they will entertain you." Gus

ON WRITING: From a speech at my book signing of HUNTRESS at BOOK REVUE bookstore in HUNTINGTON, NY (Long Island). I loved writing my novels because I found them challenging, and satisfying. It is my hope...that they entertain you.

A relative who had an idea for a novel asked me – “How hard is it to write a novel?” I said, “Writing is as a lonely walk through deep woods where only you hear the sounds of the forest and only you savor its scent and the long and lonesome journey. If you succeed in reaching the end of the woods then you have become a writer… regardless of the manuscript’s future.”  Feeling guilty the next day, I called her and said, “I forgot to warn you that the writing process is addictive because you’ll find it challenging, entertaining, and satisfying. And then becomes better and easier as you learn and study the craft.”
Gus Leodas is an Amazon Best Seller author.

After graduating from New York University, he joined a major advertising agency in Manhattan and worked on national television commercials. He also produced and directed several hundred commercials and other film projects at his own creative and production company. He received more than three dozen awards.

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