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Ah, yes! As Lord Byron wrote – Revenge is sweet especially to women.

A perfect women's revenge thriller.

Huntress - Amazon Best Seller – Top 100 Best Sellers in Contemporary Fiction.

Amazon Book of the Day - May 11, 2012

First Sentence:  
The dreaded day may have arrived ending their secret life. 

Attorney Victoria Nelson-Lee retaliates against a conspiracy of powerful politicians and rogue state troopers who kill her husband then deceives local police to help her revenge via clever clues and notes from Greek mythology signed Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting.   Police and investigative author Mitchell Pappas team up again to solve a baffling and elusive revenge thriller.

    “...and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"  Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

"Leodas sets up his novel with an intriguing premise; the reader is unsure of why exactly Victoria and Warren were forced to flee their home, and the quest for that answer is what drives the narrative forward. Once Victoria makes her fateful decision at Warren's funeral, the novel morphs into one full of action and excitement." Kirkus Review

Screenplay completed and available
Some five-star reviews on

1. By Dr. Franklin Montalban – Been an avid Gus Leodas reader for quite some time now and he’s STILL yet to disappoint.  Huntress keeps you guessing from beginning to end and I promise that once you pick it up, you will NOT be able to put it down.  Do yourself a favor and read it…you deserve it. An excellent read, possibly g.b.o.a.t.

2. By Jannes – This revenge thriller kept me in suspense from page one to the very end.  A book you can’t put down.  Would make an excellent movie.

3. By Simon - ...his best work yet.  Leodas spins a modern-day thriller with the threads of ancient Greek mythology.  Even with the killer revealed, the reader is propelled forward with clever intrigue and adventure.  Perhaps the gods have escaped Mt. Olympus to live as mortals amongst us...

4. Five Star Review – "This a fascinating story. Held my attention throughout the whole book. Interesting twists and turns. And I love the ending."

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