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The Letter From Magda

An Amazon Best Seller Mystery.

The Letter From Magda
'My dearest Johanna,
I pray you never have to read this letter while your father and I are alive.'

So begins Magda's letter to her daughter urging her to change identity, and to run and hide. Unable to decipher her mother's warning letter after surviving an assault in Switzerland, a wounded Johanna Wagner returns home to uncover the family mystery. Johanna and Michael Warner, the doomed and surviving children of the condemned families, find each other and unite against pursuing killers as they run and hide to unravel the deadly mystery.

Johanna Wagner and Michael Warner become the unwitting catalysts in a tense conspiracy launched long before they were born. Both are children of wealthy persons and oblivious to the dangerous secrets of their parents' pasts. These secrets are soon violently revealed, as is their link to each other. The tension builds steadily as Leodas gradually pulls the storylines together in a chilling climax full of twists and turns. Johanna and Michael confront the deadly threats against them with surprising resourcefulness and tenacity. There's enough intrigue to keep the pages turning. Leodas continually moves the story forward.

Another great Leodas mystery. I am an avid reader of mysteries and this one did not disappoint. I think it could be this author's best yet. Great easy read.

Can't wait for big screen movie. Unable to put this great book down! Marvelous twists and turns. A must read for mystery fans. Leodas at the top of the heap. What's next?

Five Star Review – "Once I picked it up I could barely put it down until I finished the book. Leodas really grabbed me. Usually I can figure some of the clues or conjectures but not this time. Easy to read."

Five Star Review – "This is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. It is hard to believe what all goes on but that is what kept me interested. I just can't imagine having the talent to write a story with so many twists and turns. I would definitely read more by Gus Leodas and might reread this someday. The bonus is that it was free from Amazon to my Kindle."
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