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Where Forgotten Things Belong

A Romance Mystery
Harry Stone begs his investigator friend Mitchell Pappas to help him solve a personal crisis because he does not want the police involved. Harry needs to protect his family dilemma from public exposure.

After Harry explains the problem, Mitchell needs to help, but has no idea where to begin to find a solution to the baffling mystery. He searches for answers that hide in the Cayman Islands, Florida, England, Switzerland, Egypt, and Greece.

Mitchell and Harry are in constant life-threatening danger as they travel in a world of lies and deception from unexpected sources to lead to the solution and dramatic conclusion.

Along the way, and surprisingly, they find that the answers lie within classical Plato's writings.

"A well written and emotional mystery for the reader. This may be Gus Leodas' best work to date, and as always, he has a surprise ending that lets the reader feel and understand where those things belong. Excellent read and I recommend this book to those readers who love a mystery."
-Dallas Review

"Just got back from the east end of Long Island. It usually gives me the opportunity to follow Mitchell Pappas unravel another mystery. Great story, another well written book by Leodas. Looking to see one of his books on the Big Screen in the future."
-A Doobie Review

"Kept me guessing from beginning to end. So many twists and wonderful historical moments."

-Kathryn Fisher

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